For projects

  • Compass Tours Incoming is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of all events through:
  • Decreasing the amount of solid waste produced by the event
  • Reducing energy and water consumption at the event
  • Minimizing or off-setting harmful emissions resulting from vehicular transportation and energy consumption associated with the event
  • Disposing of solid and liquid waste in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Eliminating the use of harmful chemicals at or for the event

For the company itself

  • As well Compass Tours Incoming is committed to minimize the environmental impact of our own offices:
  • All offices in Germany use green generated electrity only (water and wind energy mainly)
  • All new printers are duplex printers
  • Tea & Coffee in the offices are “fair trade”
  • For travel inside Germany mainly trains are used
  • Heating systems in the offices have been equipped with energy-saving control