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Our Story

Our destination management company’s history extends as far back as 1974, originating with the founding of Top Tours Travel in Munich as a hyper-local DMC that focused on the US market. That same year, Compass Tours Incoming was founded in Duesseldorf to focus on the European market. Rapid growth soon began, and Compass Tours Incoming opened local offices in Berlin and Frankfurt.

From 1974 to 2001, both companies operated independently. Though it wasn’t long before Compass Tours Incoming hit a milestone and decided to expand their reach even further by planting roots in Munich. Fate just so happened to align, as Top Tours Travel opened the door to a DMC company merger.

Because Top Tours Travel was well-known in the US markets already, we retained the name for our new office in Munich. Though, by 2005, both companies merged under one legal umbrella, and we’ve seen success ever since.

An Evolving History

By 2012, we decided to fully merge Compass Tour Incoming with Top Tours Travel under one brand name for easier global recognition. The latter name was dropped, and we became Compass Tours Incoming across all offices.

Today, our German destination management company is ranked among the Top 25 DMC companies worldwide. This prestigious accolade reflects an evolving, ever-improving history of excellence that is recognized by our clients.

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We have offices all across Germany with staff who are experts in their region.

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Experience incredible hotels and unique venues, thanks to our longstanding partner relationships.

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Whether it’s 10 VIPs or 100 congressional delegates, we can handle transfers and transportation.